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Our Moon Poem

A Radio Performance


Seen at the time as the apex of civilization, the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969 was heralded as a turning point for humankind. More important than the technical and political achievement it represented—a demonstration of the belief that anything was possible—the moon landing ushered in a global, ecological consciousness of earth itself as a spaceship with all humans as fellow travelers in the vast darkness of space. Our Moon Poem is a novel that considers the moon landing as a more kaleidoscopic event. Told through the monologues of some 23 characters—from the astronauts themselves to Amish farmers to hippies in the park to the NASA employees that made it possible to those watching the moon landing on TV and those ignoring the moon landing—Our Moon Poem is a multilayered collage of the American myth it would become. Along the way, it explores how national mythologies of all kinds emerge from a cloud of storytelling, vested interests, and competing claims to shape how a people comes to think of themselves. An Audio Play of this novel is now in production.

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